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Is a well-being diplomat who helps people develop resilience to stress. His tool of choice is rhythmical breath control. Here the mind is renewed by breath & focused by music.


A speaker featured on NPR, an award winning music composer, left-handed pianist and harmonium performer, Dr. Igor is also an India trained Yoga of Sound instructor. A cerebral hemorrhage survivor, he understands the fleeting nature & power inherent in every moment.


Dr. Igor's webinars and live appearances focus on helping participants thrive in stressful times. These programs draw on his expertise in the fields of yogic meditation, Indian & Western classical music, psycho-acoustics, Salsa dancing, hammock lounging & stargazing.

In his spare time Igor & his wife Divya ride

their vintage Aqua Blue scooter. Igor’s gym

of choice is kayaking on the lake & tending

to his vegetable garden. A native of Poland, Igor came for college to the USA at a tender age of 19. He studied classical music composition & piano and earned his doctorate from Boston University.

Igor Iwanek

Dr. Igor had the privilege to share these

teachings with audiences across the USA ,

Portugal, Austria, Poland & India. His

communication skills are seasoned by

almost 20 years of teaching experience…

as well as 14 years of reasoning with his cat, Polilatka. In his academic life Dr. Igor taught at MIT and a variety of educational

institutions across the USA.

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